In addition to videos, this course also includes state-mandated forms as a reference to help people report suspected elder or dependent abuse, including the SOC341 report form on allegations of elder abuse. These videos are intended to complement Ecoquery`s other online training offerings on elder and dependent abuse and to help ensure compliance with government-mandated training on this topic. People who are considered hired journalists are required by law to review these videos. This course includes three videos on elder abuse and reporting. These videos are mandatory for people who work with seniors or residents of long-term care facilities in the state of California. Videos include: This course is suitable for 1.0 hours of employee training or professional training credits for individuals working in long-term care. It is NOT approved for continuing education loans for licensed professionals. Only logged-in customers who have purchased this product can leave a review. 1) “Your Legal Duty, Reporting Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse Part 1 and 2”, published by the California Department of Justice, and By the end of this course, learners will be able to 1) describe the different forms of elder and dependent abuse, 2) define what it means to be a mandated journalist, 3) identify common signs and symptoms of abuse, and 4) determine appropriate forms and methods for reporting suspected abuse in California. 2) « The Financial Abuse of Seniors », veröffentlicht vom California Attorney General’s Office Crime and Violence Prevention Center.