Although in some cases almost identical to power, command implies the power to make arbitrary decisions and impose obedience. Some common synonyms for power are authority, command, control, domination, jurisdiction, and domination. Although all of these words mean “the right to govern, govern, or determine,” power implies the possession of the ability to exercise power, authority, or influence. The meanings of control and power largely overlap; Control, however, emphasizes the power to direct and restrict. The words domination and power are synonymous, but differ in their nuances. In particular, the rule emphasizes sovereign power or supreme authority. In some situations, the words wavering and power are roughly equivalent. However, influence indicates the extent of power or influence exercised. Although the words authority and power have much in common, authority implies power for a specific purpose within certain limits. The synonyms competence and power are sometimes interchangeable, but competence applies to public authority exercised within the prescribed limits. You are responsible for the students under your control.