(a) There is enough total memory to meet a need, but it is not contiguous 20. The ___ time to swap a running process and exchange a new process in memory is very high. 3. If there is a large logical address space, the best type of paging would be ____ a) it reduces memory access time to read or write a location The physical address identifies a physical location of the required data in a store. The user never deals directly with the physical address, but can access it via the corresponding logical address. The user program generates the logical address and thinks that the program is running in that logical address, but the program requires physical memory to run, so the logical address of MMU must be mapped to the physical address before it is used. The term physical address space is used for all physical addresses that correspond to the logical addresses of a logical address space. (c) low or high memory (depending on the position of the interrupt vector) 10. In internal fragmentation, memory in a partition and ____ d) Regardless of the algorithm used, this always happens, ∴ 32 KB storage unit of the computer requires 32768 memory spaces. 9. The operating system maintains a ______ table that tracks the number of frames that have been assigned, the number of frames present and the number of available frames.

a) Page b) Mapping c) Framework d) Memory Show response 4. Physical memory is divided into fixed-size blocks called ____. c) When overlays are used, the size of a process is not limited to the size of physical memory 10. If the process can be moved from one heap to another while it is running, the binding should be ____ 21. When a higher priority process arrives and needs to be repaired, the storage manager can offload the lower priority process to run the higher priority process. When the higher priority process is complete, the lower priority process is replaced and execution continues. This variant of the exchange is sometimes called? 1. The address of a table of pages in memory is indicated by _____ 8. If the entries in the segment tables of two different processes refer to the same physical location ___ A multi-level page table is preferable to a single-level page table for translating virtual addresses to physical addresses because ____ The time it takes to access memory via PTBR is ___ It has the following number of locations.

Therefore, 12 bits are required to address 4k slots. The size of the storage vessel is therefore = number of memory spaces x size of the storage location b) allow memory to be allocated to smaller processes last. When execution time constraint is used, a ____ process is swapped to another location. d) each address generated by the CPU is compared to the mobile registers and limits For “N-bits” address pins, the number of slots included is 2N. In a DRAM, a capacitor is used to store certain data with a MOSFET (transmission device) that acts as a switch. An address line typically refers to a physical connection between a processor and memory. a) allow disconnection from the logical address space of a process 11. The address generated by the processor is called _____. The decoding circuit shown in the figure was used to produce a low-chip active selection memory signal connected to an 8-bit microprocessor with a 16-bit address bus. What is the address range and memory size? b) Hard disk large enough to hold copies of all memory dumps for all users 9.

The address loaded into the store`s memory address registry is called ___. The addressing of a 32K × 16 memory is performed with a single decoder. The minimum number of AND doors for the decoder is 3. Each address generated by the CPU is divided into two parts. They are _____ a) Overlays are used to increase the size of physical memory c) a request cannot be met even if all memory is free c) Disk for direct access to memory dumps ____ A PC`s tab contains the address of the location to access. For an M-bit address space, the total number of addressed spaces is: 15. If the memory allocated to a process is slightly greater than that of the process, then ____ 18. A ______ uniquely identifies processes and is used to protect the address space of that process. 7. The `d` offset of the logical address must be _______ b) the starting physical address of the segment in memory b) it is subtracted from the base of the segment to produce the address of the physical memory b) find an address using another address Thus, the lowest possible value of the address is – 1101 0000 0000 0000, which is “D000” in hexadecimal b) the total memory is insufficient to meet a request 1. The disadvantage of moving the entire process to one end of the memory and all the holes in the other direction, creating a large hole in the available memory, is _____ For larger page tables, they are kept in the main memory and a _____ points to the page table.

11. During paging, the user deploys only ___, which is partitioned by the hardware into _____ and ___. b) It reduces the size of the page table required to implement the virtual address space of a process Answer: Base address of each page in physical memory Paging is a memory management scheme that eliminates the need for contiguous allocation of physical memory. The process of retrieving processes as pages from secondary memory to main memory is called paging. The main purpose of pagination is to divide each procedure into pages. In addition, frames are used to divide the main memory. This scheme is used to separate the physical address space of a process. 9. Which of the following addresses is generated by the CPU? It specifies the in-memory address to be accessed. Answer: It is itself used as a physical memory address d) Symbolic addresses are usually bound to physical addresses at runtime If the slot has n-bit memory, there is the total number of bits available in memory: A computer slot occupies 1 byte of memory. With m = 12 bits and n = 8 bits, the total number of bits in memory is: 1k represents 1024 slots, represented by: 10.

Invalid addresses are intercepted with the _______ bit. (c) The shipper links mobile addresses to physical addresses 7. A memory buffer used to accommodate a speed difference is called ____ 7. If the storage is divided into multiple fixed-size partitions, each partition can ____ The mapping of the virtual address to the physical address is performed by the memory management unit (MMU), which is a hardware device, and this allocation is called the paging technique. A 16 KB memory system must be designed with memory chips of 12 address lines each and 4 lines of data. Next, the number of these chips needed to design memory, How many address entries are needed to access 256 bytes of memory? Map virtual addresses to physical addresses Differences between logical and physical addresses in the operating system 6. In paged memory systems, when the page size is increased, the internal fragmentation is usually ___ The processor retrieves the instruction from memory based on the value of ____ Semiconductor RAM has a 12-bit address register and an 8-bit data register. The total number of bits in memory is b) allows a process to be greater than the amount of memory allocated to it 1. The processor retrieves the instruction from memory based on the value of ____ a) program counter b) status register c) instruction register d) program status word See answer 7. For better memory usage, dynamic loading is used.

With dynamic loading, a routine is not loaded until it is called. For the implementation of dynamic loading ____ The execution mapping of the virtual address to the physical address is performed by ___ In an 8085 microprocessor, the number of address lines required to access a 16 KB memory store is one line of data: The data rows provide the information to be stored in memory. It represents the number of bits in the word. 4. In segmentation, each address is specified by ____ 25. In paged memory, the page access rate is 0.35. The value required to access a page in secondary storage is 100 ns. The time it takes to access a page in primary storage is 10 ns. The average time it takes to access a page is? 5. Is the memory management technique, in which the system stores and retrieves data from secondary memory for use in main memory, invoked? a) fragmentation b) pagination c) mapping d) none of the view responses mentioned 10. If there are 32 segments each 1 KB, the logical address should be ____.