Silymarin, or silibinin, has been shown to be helpful in improving liver tissue damage because it is able to increase protein synthesis, which increases the ability of organic cells to regenerate. Similarly, it prevents the process of lipid peroxidation of the plasma membrane in liver cells, a process that causes a chain reaction that destroys cells and is characteristic of liver diseases such as cirrhosis. Legalon is a drug used as liver therapy to prevent fat accumulation in the liver and repair liver damage. It is used in the treatment of: LEGALON 150 mg capsules is indicated for the treatment of liver damage such as those caused by chronic consumption of alcohol and hepatotoxic drugs, fatty liver disease (fatty liver), alcoholic hepatitis and cirrhosis. The influence on the ability to drive and use machines is nil or negligible. © Vademecum Vidal Source: The content of this monograph of the active substance according to the ATC classification has been written taking into account the clinical information of all medicinal products authorised and marketed in Spain classified in this ATC code. For detailed information on the information authorised by the AEMPS for each medicine, you should consult the data sheet approved by the AEMPS. Animal studies do not indicate direct or indirect adverse effects with respect to reproductive toxicity. However, since studies in pregnant women are not available and reproductive toxicity studies in animals do not always predict a response in humans, it should not be used during pregnancy unless the woman`s clinical condition requires treatment with silymarin. At the beginning of treatment, two tablets should be taken 3 times a day, and as a maintenance dose – 1 tablet 3 times a day.

It is necessary to administer it after meals and with a glass of water. When treatment begins in adults, 2 tablets three times a day after meals. As a supportive dose, a dragee can be administered three times a day. In children over one year of age, 1 tablet three times a day, in cirrhosis of the liver 2 tablets 3 times a day. Side effects of LEGALON 150 mg are rare. WHAT IS LEGALON 150 MG CAPSULES USED FOR AND WHAT IT IS USED FOR? CONTRAINDICATIONS AND WARNINGThe sensitivity to silymarin. Legalon 150 mg contains the principle of silymarin, which acts as a stabilizer of the injured cell membrane, thereby providing complex protection of the liver gland from harmful influences, thereby achieving the restoration of already injured liver cells. This is manifested by an improvement in the general condition, a decrease in digestive ailments, an increase in appetite and weight, an improvement in liver symptoms and normalization of values in clinical analysis. Indications lesions of toxic-metabolic origin, especially those characterized by intense peroxidation, caused by chronic alcohol consumption and hepatotoxic drugs: fatty liver, alcoholic hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver. Treatment can last indefinitely, depending on the severity of the disease. No specific problems were reported in this age group. The duration of treatment is 4 to 6 weeks and, as a maintenance dose, 1 capsule twice daily, unless it is medically simple.

This medication contains less than 23 mg of sodium (1 mmol) per cell, which is essentially “sodium-free”. Immune system disorders: allergic reactions Do you need the advice of a specialist? Book a consultation online: you will receive all the answers without leaving the house. Very rarely (affects less than one in 10,000 patients), LEGALON 150 mg hard capsules are available in blisters containing 30 red capsules. The duration of treatment depends on the underlying condition for which it has been indicated. It can be administered indefinitely, as it has no cumulative or toxic effects. It is not known whether silymarin or its metabolites are excreted in breast milk. Therefore, the risk in newborns cannot be excluded. Not recommended for children and adolescents < 18 years of age; Long-term treatment (medical supervision).

You can request more information about this medicine by contacting© the local representative of the Marketing Authorisation Holder: Our experts answered 138 questions about Legalon The recommended oral dose is 1 capsule (150 mg) three times daily after main meals. It is not known whether silymarin is excreted in breast milk, so it is only used during breastfeeding when the benefits strictly medically justify the potential risks. If you are allergic to the active substance silymarin or any of the other ingredients of this medicine (listed in section 6) Useful in the treatment of acute and chronic hepatitis, alcoholic hepatitis, fatty liver disease and cirrhosis. PRECAUTIONS AND SPECIAL WARNINGThe animal studies have shown no teratogenic effects However, administration during pregnancy is not recommended. Swallow the capsules with a little liquid after the main meals. Consult your pharmacist before using this medication if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, if you think you may be pregnant, or if you may become pregnant. No effects have been reported between the use of this medicine and the consumption of food and beverages. The eye of this phone is in Spain or elsewhere??????????????.

The capsule consists of red and yellow iron oxides (E-172), erotrorosin (E-127) and titanium dioxide (E-171). In the absence of studies in pregnant women, this medicinal product should only be used during pregnancy if the benefits strictly justify the potential risks. If you experience any side effects, talk to your doctor©or pharmacist©, even if they are not listed in this leaflet. Drugs in children: The drug can be used from the first year of life. Uncommon gastrointestinal illness (affects between 1 and 10 people in 1000): stomach pain and diarrhea. Very rare (affects less than one in 10,000 patients) Immune system disorders: allergic©reactions Gastrointestinal disorders: stomach pain and diarrhea. To access dosage information in, you will need to log in with your email address and password or register. So far, only a few cases of hypersensitivity to the active substance. No data are available for this age group. Antioxidant, eliminates free radicals and disrupts peroxidative processes involved in liver damage.

Detailed and up-to-date information about this drug can be found on the website of the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS) One capsule contains 196 mg of silymarin, which corresponds to 150 mg of silibinin. Treatment of lesions of toxic-metabolic origin, especially those characterized by intense peroxidation, such as those caused by chronic consumption of alcohol and hepatotoxic drugs, fatty liver, alcoholic hepatitis and cirrhosis.