The topic of gambling addiction prevention and player protection is a major part of the criteria for obtaining an online casino license in Germany. The first feature of legal providers is that real money gambling is only allowed from the age of 18. This ensures the protection of minors. As I said, in order to be able to legally offer an online casino in Germany, the aforementioned aspects must be respected. You can clearly see that everything here revolves around preventing players from playing away from their homes and yards on the net. That is a good thing. And since most players are comfortable on machines, new rules are also introduced for them. When it comes to machines, Real Time Gaming has the proper certifications, so their games are completely legal. They offer many games that you can enjoy in RTG casinos. With great graphic quality, these games are simply fun in RTG online casinos. In addition, many new RTG online casinos are added to the ever-growing list. We regularly search for reputable, trustworthy and legal online casinos, so you can find a compilation of the best gambling providers here on and read detailed reviews of online casinos. Yes, the organisation of gambling is possible in Germany with the permission of the State.

In the 16 German Länder there are licensed casinos and casinos with legal gambling offers. In addition, there are licensed gaming rooms and slot machines in gastronomic establishments. Until October 2020, the online casino market in Germany was barely regulated. In itself, the gambling offer in this country was punishable. Only in Schleswig-Holstein could an online casino be legalized in Germany. In addition, EU regulations provided that foreign casinos with a valid license could legally offer an offer in Germany. Now, casinos are adapting their offerings to regulations in order to maintain the status of legal online casinos in Germany. It was true: the operation of online casinos was punishable in Germany according to § 284 StGB and § 285 StGB and therefore no online casino was legal in Germany. But that didn`t apply to the game itself. Above German laws were the EU regulations for legal online casinos. These regulations allow online gambling in Germany, provided that it has been organized by a provider with a valid license from an EU member state.

In addition, the State of Schleswig-Holstein had successfully defended itself against the provisions of the gambling contract. Here, gambling was legal, as long as the providers had a valid license. To be precise, on 01.07.2022 in Germany in terms of legal online casinos, a lot has changed to protect players: A new era for online casino in Germany is in the starting blocks. And enters into force since 01 July 2022. Many reputable online casinos, including JackpotPiraten (one of the new online casinos in Germany) have already applied for and received a license. This means that for the first time there are legal online casinos under German law in Germany. The biggest advantage of paying with MasterCard in the online casino is the simplicity and speed with which real money deposits can be made to the casino account. If your credit card is registered in the online casino, you can deposit large or small amounts of money within the limit of your credit card almost completely without delay 24 hours a day and as often as you want in the MasterCard online casino for Germany. Until then, however, you shouldn`t play without any thoughts. It is important to always take a close look at the casinos you want to play at.

This is the only way to ensure that no unpleasant surprises are experienced. However, if you stick to the requirements outlined in this post, you shouldn`t encounter any issues. And if the new regulation is there, it can also officially legally go to the slots from July 2021. The game of poker has become a popular pastime in Germany. Even though skill is part of it and some call it a sport, it is a game of chance. Once online poker plays for money, gambling law applies. More information, where and how you can play legally in Germany with real money, can be found in my article on online poker. A new Germany-wide supervisory authority maintains a national lock file to ensure player protection. So far, Germany has not had a modern gambling law in line with European legislation. The reason for this has a lot to do with politics. Lottery companies and state casinos want to keep their monopoly and fight against competition by all means. To this end, drug prevention is very often thrown into the field.

This is intended to conceal the fact that the state`s suppliers make a lot of money. Payout rates in lottery companies and casinos are much lower than in online casinos. This applies to legal slot casinos and legal roulette casinos as well as legal blackjack casinos as well as other casino games. It will therefore remain exciting to see how the situation develops. The Netherlands recently passed a player-friendly law. In Switzerland, there is also a new law, but it is designed in such a way that local casinos benefit from it. Even though a license is a basic requirement, you will still find providers from time to time who try to scam customers through illegal methods. Even on quality, a fundamental legality says nothing. Therefore, you need to check each provider for certain criteria.

Here you will find my test criteria, which have proven themselves to evaluate the seriousness and quality of an online casino. Players who wish to deposit higher amounts should also make sure that these are online casinos with no deposit limit. Suppliers therefore need a valid European license for Germany. Currently, there are many online casino providers that have such a license. Therefore, these existing offers from September 2022 are not illegal for German players. For Schleswig-Holstein, the old licences still apply. Since July 1, 2021, online casinos with a German license are legal. The best legal online casinos for players in Germany are not easy to find. Nevertheless, we tried to sort through the market – and we came across some interesting aspects. What will be very exciting in any case are the changes brought about by the new interstate treaty on gambling in terms of regulation and legal situation in Germany. With us, you will already find operators who meet standards that are important to us. Without a doubt, paying with MasterCard at the online casino is one of the easiest ways to transfer money to a real money casino account.

If you do not yet have a MasterCard credit card, you can find out on the homepage about the German partners who offer you a credit card subscription, as well as the exact conditions and costs. Many banks such as VR Bank, Sparkasse or Deutsche Bank offer you the option to apply for a credit card linked to your current account in Germany. If you already own one of the cards, nothing stands in the way of your online gambling at the credit card casino. With the addition of information to their TV commercials, the casinos had done themselves no favors. It really caused a lot of confusion. And even our online game publishers, when they first saw this, weren`t sure what it was. Now all this is obsolete: until July 2021 there is a state treaty on German gambling and licenses. And we introduce you to the providers who adhere to the contract and are therefore authorized to offer their services to you as legal casinos! Be sure to check out one of our BingBong recommendations, this online casino already has a DE license! And after many online casinos closed their doors or adapted their wallets to the German gambling contract a few days ago, the chaos is complete.