Brings into Agreement 6 Letters: A Crossword Puzzle Lover`s Guide

Are you a crossword puzzle enthusiast in search of a six-letter word for “brings into agreement”? Look no further! Here are some possible solutions to help you complete your puzzle:

1. Unites: This word is often used to describe bringing two or more things together in agreement or unity. It could be used in a sentence such as “The CEO`s new strategy united the department heads in agreement.”

2. Aligns: This word refers to bringing things into a straight line or position, which can also imply agreement. For example, “The politician`s promises aligned with the interests of the community, putting everyone in agreement.”

3. Merges: This word describes the blending or fusing of two or more entities into one, which could also imply agreement. “The two companies merged to create a stronger partnership, bringing their ideologies into agreement.”

4. Conveys: While not directly meaning “brings into agreement,” this word can be used in a way that implies doing so by communicating a message or idea. “The speaker conveyed his opinion clearly, bringing the audience into agreement.”

5. Resolves: This word is used to describe the act of settling or finding a solution to a problem or dispute, which often leads to agreement between conflicting parties. For instance, “The mediator resolved the disagreement between the union and management, bringing them into agreement.”

6. Harmonizes: This word refers to the act of blending or combining things in a way that creates a pleasing or satisfactory result, which could also imply agreement. “The orchestra harmonized their instruments, bringing the audience into agreement on the beauty of the music.”

In conclusion, there are several six-letter words that could be used to describe “brings into agreement” in crossword puzzles or other word games. While the above examples are by no means exhaustive, they should provide you with a starting point for your puzzle-solving adventures. Happy crossword-ing!