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Paiz, J., Angeli, E., Wagner, J., Lawrick, E., Moore, K., Anderson, M.,. Keck, R. (2010, May 5). General format. Retrieved by owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/ Myers, M., Paiz, J., Angeli, E., Wagner, J., Lawrick, E., Moore, K., Anderson, M.,. Keck, R. (2019, December 20). General format. Purdue Online Writing Lab.

owl.purdue.edu/owl/research_and_citation/apa_style/apa_formatting_and_style_guide/general_format.html The Bluebook Style Guide is used in the American legal profession to cite all relevant sources. In addition, the Chicago Manual of Style recommends its use for all citations of legal documents. The following is a summary of the basics. It`s worth noting that the Bluebook system is considerably complex in most of these points, but here`s the level of detail it recommends for a student`s basic needs, for example. If you write for legal journals or other legal publications, these sources usually do not need to be cited in a bibliography or on a reference page. Quotation sentences alone are an acceptable form of quotation as long as the document contains few legal citations (for more information, see The Chicago Manual of Style, 17th edition, sections 14.269-305 and 15.58). The APA follows the guidelines for legal citations in the United States, as described in The Bluebook®. You can access a version of the Bluebook by clicking here. Guidelines for references to legal documents can also be found on pages 355-368 of the 7th edition of the APA Publication Manual. You don`t need to create a citation for entire federal or state constitutions.

It is enough to refer to them by their name in the text. When citing specific articles and edits, create reference list entries and citations in the text as usual. The Constitution of the United States should be included in the reference lists and parentheses of the United States. Use legal state abbreviations for state constitutions, such as In. Const. for the Indiana Constitution. In the story, write these place names: USA, USA, Indiana. Follow the Constitution numbering pattern (Roman for articles and amendments of the United States Constitution and for articles of the State Constitution, but Arabic for state amendments).

Notes and bibliographic entries for public records, like other documents, must contain the elements necessary to locate the items. These essential elements often include the following: Other legislative documents such as witness statements, hearings, bills that do not have the force of law and related documents may also be cited. Your reference list templates (below) may include a URL if available, but the URL is optional. The quotations in the text follow the same patterns as court decisions and cases. Purdue Online Writing Lab. (n.d.). General FAQs about writing. Purdue Online Writing Lab.

owl.purdue.edu/owl/general_writing/general_writing_faqs.html Legal and other government documents should be cited with footnotes, endnotes and/or citations (with clauses containing the same information required in a footnote). Printed copies of sources are generally preferred to digital copies, although verified digital sources are acceptable. For more information about citing legal sources in your reference list, see the Westfield State College page to cite APA-style legal documents. Most legal documents are cited in the Bluebook style, the style of legal citation common to all disciplines (see Bluebook style in The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation, 2015). The APA departs from the bluebook style for legal documents and uses these templates and templates in bibliographies. This resource lists some of the common legal references that ABS users need to do their jobs, but is not exhaustive. Please note that legal conventions outside the United States may differ. Note: If a film or videotape is not widely distributed, add the following to your citation by country of origin: (Available under reseller name, full address, and postal code). In other words, you should always include the year in a quote in parentheses, such as (Jones, 2020). If you quote a work several times in the same paragraph of the story, you can omit the year. For example: Merriam-Webster, Incorporated. (1997).

Goat. In Merriam Webster`s collegiate dictionary (10th edition, pp. 499-500). Merriam-Webster, Incorporated. You can use the quote that best matches the type of artifact. However, if the artifact is not accessible to readers, it may not be necessary to cite it. U.S. federal court decisions are published in different journalists and therefore have different reference list templates. They are as follows: 1. First Name Last name, “Document title” (source type identifier, place of publication, year of publication), page number(s).

This section provides information about how to format and cite Chicago Manual of Style documents. These resources follow the seventeenth edition of the Chicago Manual of Style, published in 2017. Please also note: While this resource contains many examples of unusual print source citations that we find useful, it may not consider all possibilities. For more examples of citing unusual print sources, see the 7th edition of the APA Publication Guide. Note: And seq is a Latin abbreviation indicating that the section number is the first in a series of a few articles codifying this law. Name, F. M., & Surname, F. M.

(Ed.). (year). Title of the proceeding. Editor. URL (if applicable) Producer, P.P. (Producer) & Director, D.D. (Director). (Date of publication). Title of the film [Film]. Country of origin: Studio or distributor. Your first choice is to follow the online slide format on this Purdue OWL page and use the course management system login page where slides are stored as URLs.

You would refer to this source in the text, as you normally would with the last name and date of the author. For lecture notes, instead of the title, you would write something like [Lecture Notes on Important Sophists]. Short forms may also use id. to indicate that this quote comes from the same authority as the previous one. For a side-by-side comparison of the three most commonly used citation styles, including a table of all APA citation guidelines, see the citation styles table.

Ptsd Legal Issues

A systematic review of case law was conducted using the LexisNexis legal database. Federal and state appeal cases up to 2010 were searched using the search terms PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, or post-traumatic stress disorder that appear in the Summary, Program, or Case Overview sections, as well as the terms criminal, insanity, diminished capacity, mens rea, self-defense, attenuation or loss of consciousness that appears in the same sections. Research was limited to these criteria, so cases were selected in which PTSD played an important role. Today, even mental illness and addiction issues can be defined within a legal framework as a result of PTSD. In addition, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) now covers situations where employers do not adequately accommodate workers with PTSD. Table 1 lists the published cases we identified, including the two trauma-related disorders that preceded PTSD. The table lists the jurisdiction, the legal issue and the outcome of each appeal procedure. Table 2 lists the three unpublished cases we identified, as well as the jurisdiction, point of law and judgment in each case. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) can help you decide what to do next and investigate if you decide to file a discrimination complaint. Since you must file a lawsuit within 180 days of the alleged violation to pursue further legal action (or 300 days if the employer is also covered by a state or local discrimination law), it`s best to start the process early. It is illegal for your employer to retaliate against you for contacting the EEOC or filing a complaint.

For more information, visit www.eeoc.gov, call 800-669-4000 (voice) or 800-669-6820 (TTY), or visit your local EEOC office (see www.eeoc.gov/field for contact information). A search for relevant law review articles was conducted on LexisNexis with the criterion that the term PTSD or a variation thereof appeared more than 10 times in the article. PubMed was searched using the terms PTSD, insanity and criminal behavior. Identified Law Review and PubMed articles were searched for cited legal cases. There is another aspect of PTSD that is not often discussed in the mainstream media. These are its massive implications for the legal profession, for those accused of crimes, and for a host of other issues related to law and legal liability. However, to understand the intersection of the law and PTSD, it is important to first look at the basic facts about the condition. If you suffer from depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or any other mental illness, your condition protects you from discrimination and harassment in the workplace, you have the right to privacy in the workplace, and you may be entitled to reasonable accommodations that can help you manage and maintain your job.

The following questions and answers briefly explain these rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). You may also have additional rights under other laws not discussed here, such as the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and various health insurance laws. Ask for one. Tell a supervisor, human resources manager or other appropriate person that you need a change at work due to illness. You can always request accommodation. Because an employer doesn`t have to excuse poor job performance, even if it`s caused by a medical condition or medication side effects, it`s usually best to find an appropriate solution before problems arise or escalate. (However, many people choose to wait until they receive a job offer before seeking accommodation, as it is very difficult to prove unlawful discrimination that occurs before a job offer.) You don`t need to have a specific accommodation in mind, but you can ask for something specific. In this article, we review U.S.

criminal law, which includes PTSD as a criminal defense. Case law is based on published legal decisions, which are usually at the appellate level. The importance of these cases is that they set precedents that courts can follow in future cases. Judgments handed down by courts of first instance are generally not published unless they are appealed. In addition, most pre-litigation decisions, for example: whether a criminal defense based on PTSD can be presented in court, unless it is challenged. Therefore, search in appeal cases preferably includes cases where criminal defence based on PTSD has been excluded or has failed at the trial court level. On the other hand, cases where a criminal defense based on PTSD has been admitted to court or successfully presented at trial are largely not included in this review. This review will not address trends at the pre-litigation or judicial level; However, it will address the precedents that trial judges follow when deciding whether to use PTSD as a basis for criminal defense. Using the LexisNexis legal database, Berger et al. 194 federal and state appellate court cases in which PTSD was used as a defense through 2010. Of these cases, 47 involved a criminal defense based on a diagnosis of PTSD.

In 39 of these cases, there was a PTSD defence that the Court of Appeal dealt with and was reviewed by the authors; In Case 8, the issue at issue was not related to PTSD, so the Court of Appeal decided the case for other reasons. The review also included three unpublished case studies in which PTSD had been successfully raised as a defence. It is likely that there are many similar cases, but these studies are usually not published and are therefore not available for review. Avoidance. At least one symptom of avoidance – such as avoiding places, things, or events that remind the victim of the traumatic event – must be obvious. The victim`s statements on these issues must be accurate. Nowadays, we all leave a digital footprint with our activities. Credit card statements may show that the victim has pursued an active lifestyle by traveling by air and other activities that may not be compatible with PTSD. Photos and comments posted on social media may show activity that is incompatible with the plaintiff`s claims. Defense counsel may consider it appropriate to hire a private investigator to record the complainant`s surveillance footage in order to accuse the complainant`s testimony.

LexisNexis` research revealed 194 cases, 47 of which involved a criminal defense based on PTSD. In 39 of these 47 cases, the defence was dealt with in some way by the Court of Appeal, while in the remaining 8 cases, the appeal was not related to the use of PTSD as a criminal defence. Twenty-nine of the cases where the use of PTSD as a criminal defence was discussed on appeal are described in more detail later in the text. The 10 cases not described in this article were excluded because they were redundant with other cases, as the issues dealt with by the Court of Appeal were the same as in the other cases considered. Searching law journal articles and psychiatric literature for cited legal cases revealed two published cases in which trauma-related disorders prior to the DSM`s diagnosis of PTSD formed the basis of criminal defense. It also revealed three unpublished court cases in which PTSD was the basis of criminal defense. These cases will be described below. The legal requirements in civil law relating to an indemnitable breach have gradually eased over the years, moving from the physical effects of a direct injury to the emotional effects of a direct injury, to the emotional effects of harming others, to the emotional effects of knowing that others have been harmed, and a person`s fear of becoming ill at a later date. Include. Although a psychiatric diagnosis is not necessary to act, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) has become the preferred diagnosis for emotional stress. Also in criminal law, PTSD defences have become increasingly common and are used as a standard defence in certain situations.

The limits of using PTSD as a defence have not yet been clarified; In similar cases, different judgements have been handed down by different courts. Although PTSD is increasingly being used as a legal defense in civil and criminal courts, many judges are reluctant to accept it as an autonomous reason to excuse various types of illegal behavior. But of course, with the mental health profession now providing more clarity on the disorder, some of these reluctant judges view PTSD as a valid defense when there is expert testimony in support of the claim.

Proseso Ng Legal Separation

A court will not write or give you a separation agreement. You and your spouse or lawyers are responsible for drafting the agreement. It`s always best to have a lawyer when you get divorced. If you hired a lawyer to draft your separation agreement, that lawyer can help you file a conversion divorce. Back to top Hi, I`ve been a woman who has been married for a long time, but I`ve not been happy with my husband since I married him. I would like to request legal separation Can you please help me? Thank you can I apply for legal separation with my husband? We have been separated for almost 4 years. And he`s with another girl. Where I use the app.for legal separately. And how long does it take me to make my legal separation? Can anyone help me? Thank you hello, I am trying to join the discussion on your forum and it made me want to ask some questions too. Here is my situation and my question too: I have been marrying a foriengner husband for more than 5 years, we currently live here in the United States, but we got married there in the Philippines. For 5 years of our marriage, nothing happened to us in our marital relationship, what I am saying is that my husband had a medical problem, the ngaun nya lang inamin sa akin, although I already have doubts about it. Although he is a very good man, he treated me kindly, but of course, I also want to have a child of my own.

I love him, but to tell you the truth, the more we are like this, the more it began to diminish my love and affection for him. It seems that I feel like we are friends or siblings living in a house, not a man and a woman. Now my question is: is it acceptable or a reason for me to file a legal separation in our marriage? I would appreciate it if you could give me your answer. Thank you How long does it take to achieve legal separation in the Philippines? My mother and father have been physically separated for 10-11 years. My father had an affair and now has 5 children with his new girlfriend. I want to sponsor my mother to Canada and they need documents proving that they are actually legally separated. Is it a long process? If it is considered to be “. moral pressure to force the petitioner to change his religious or political affiliation” if my partner is an anti-vaxxer? I`m thinking about legal separation (I`m also willing to be the “culprit” – it doesn`t vaccinate our children). I am also willing to pay monthly expenses for our children. How to request a legal separation? My husband and I are separated for 7 months.

We have been married for 16 years. He is violent and alcoholic. He also has a mental health problem. What must I do? Legal separation doesn`t end the marriage – it only allows you to live apart and separate property issues. In addition, it is not necessarily cheaper than a declaration of disability and cannot be “converted” later into a declaration of disability. Legal separation is often requested by spouses in order to legally separate their property, although there are other ways to do so. If your brother wants to legally end the marriage and both are Filipino, they will have to undergo annulment. My husband still lives together, but in another room I suffered emotional and psychological abuse from him, I can`t stand it anymore, eleven years of living together He usually drinks too much alcohol, to the point that he often wreaks havoc, and now I live in a traumatic life.

And every week there is a day when he doesn`t come home and never tell me where he is. Can this be a reason for legal separation, since we don`t live a normal life as husband and wife? How much does it cost and how long does it take to separate without marriage? What are the submission steps and where? Thank you very much. Magkano po ang magagasto SA Legal separation. Ano po yong 1st step na gagawin? Do I need to be present in the Philippines before applying for a legal separation? I wanted to ask for a cost estimate if I want a legal separation from my husband? Pwede po bang mag file kmi ng legal separation hiuwalay po kmi almost 5 years na, wala po kaming anak. Ngunit may sarili na po kaming pamilya bawat isa samin. I work in the UK and have permission to stay in the UK. I`ve been separated from my man X so many times. I once applied for legal separation in 2006. But I decided to cancel and give him one last chance and bring him with my 16 year old son here in the UK. He just committed a crime of murder against me and our son, our owner and himself. But he can`t.

He was convicted of murder and aggravated assault. and will serve 10 years in prison starting July 7. There is no chance that I can live with him. And they really want our marriage annulled. Can I file a cancellation even if he is in jail? Can I apply here in the UK or does it have to be in the Philippines? Pls.Je really want to legally clarify my cancellation with him. Thank you and I hope for an immediate response from your office as soon as possible. My husband got someone pregnant twice, although they don`t live together, because he said he didn`t like the girl. He insisted on arranging our marriage, but I refused to do so because his infertility was causing him so much pain.

I would like to apply for a legal separation to protect myself and my children. I want to know how to approach this. What are the costs of legal separation Dito SA Pinas? Usually the Magkano ang area? —— Although the wife did not commit any breach of trust, we agree with the trial judge that, despite her conviction that her wife was unfaithful, the conduct of the applicant husband described above deprives him, as the offended husband claims, of any action for legal separation against the wife at fault, because her conduct in question falls within the restriction of article 100 of the Civil Code. I have been separated for almost 7 years now, I have 2 children and I have submitted child support. The court granted me child support, but it still does not respect the agreement. We also have religious differences. Can I file a legal separation or a declaration of nullity directly? All my life, since we broke up, I haven`t had peace and I wanted peace of mind. Please, I am looking for professional help.

Thank you very much. Hello Atty., My husband and I have not had proper communication for almost a year. We have only been married for 2 years, I don`t know how to explain it, but living with him has no direction. We have 1 child, a boy who is currently in his care. I feel like he already had a relationship with other girls. And during our relationship, I also discovered that he had several daughters. I ask him to have a legal separation, but he doesn`t want to, I never have money for myself and my children. What`s the best thing I can do, I want to end our marriage, but it`s very expensive, is it really 200K up? My husband and I have been separated for 17 years now. He lives with his new family and they already have a child (7 years old).

I myself have a new relationship (4 years now), but no children with this new relationship. We had 2 children (24 and 18) and both live with me. My new partner and I are in the process of acquiring a property, in which this property will be transferred in my daughter`s name (since she is already working) and I will only be the co-manufacturer. The bank wants me to provide a separation document or a cancellation document so that my husband has nothing to do with the property we are buying. I want to get a legal separation, but I don`t know how to proceed and how much it will cost me. Please help me in my dilemma. If you have not yet filed your separation agreement with the county clerk, you must file the separation agreement along with your divorce documents. Hello Atty! I have been separated from my husband for about 10 years. Since then, he no longer communicates with me and my two children, he does not give any financial support or any kind. How do I get legal separation? We have no assets to share because we have only been together as husband and wife for 7 years.

I hope you can help me with that. My husband hasn`t had a job for many years. Rumor had it that he was taking drugs. I wanted to save our marriage as much as possible. But his behavior kills me. When he sends me to work, he doesn`t come home and leaves my 3 children at home. He won`t be home for a week or more. He invents many excuses. This action has been repeated several times. We are still fighting. He is not a good husband, not an irresponsible father.

Professional Mermaid Requirements

Remember that you will have to pay taxes on your mermaid income!!! It`s not a bad idea to hire an accountant to help you manage your finances and teach you how to save money. Weeki Wachee is one of the most frequently mentioned attractions of the mermaid. Weeki Wachee Springs State Park is a park with water activities, restaurants, and most importantly, mermaids! They do underwater mermaid shows with music and choreography. You can also visit Circus Siren Pod, Ripley`s Aquarium, Aqua Performance Group, Wreck Bar at B Ocean Resort and Las Vegas Silverton Aquarium. Hello! I admire your work and this article is beautiful! I`m 13 (14 this year) and I`d love to be a mermaid artist as a career, but one thing I`m not sure about is money. Not the money I`m going to spend, but how much would I earn on average? (or how much do you earn to make things easier) If you`re a budding professional mermaid or beginner, then you`ve come to the right place. At Aquamermaid, we do a lot of things. We give mermaid lessons, sell mermaid tails, but we also use mermaids for shows. Working for Aquamermaid is a great way to put your fin in the door of the world of professional sirens. We are passionate about bringing magic to the world through mermaid entertainment and want to help you make that dream come true. Don`t become a mermaid just for the money – even if done right, it can pay off. For a `dry gig` where you simply sit on earth, expect to earn around £35 an hour.

For a “wet concert” where you swim, prices start at £50 and go up to around £75 per hour. But, as Aysun points out, like almost everything in life, you need to take care of it if you want to be a hot mermaid. First you need to find your mermaid name. This can be as simple as your name with “mermaid” in front, or use your location as part of your name, like “The Mermaid of New Mexico.” Another way to name yourself is to use your niche. For example, if opera singing is part of your performance, your title could be “The Opera Maiden.” If you`re on this page, you`ve probably wondered (or maybe even me), “How can I become a professional mermaid?” Let me start with a brief caveat: While there are mermaid schools out there, there are no university degrees, certification courses, or tests you can pass to confirm your mermaid professionalism. The following guide and checklist is just a collection of processes, trainings, and best practices derived from my personal experience as a mermaid – not rules and regulations. As they say, there is more than one way to climb a catfish. * We invite the host to create a treasure chest that children can explore with the mermaids. It can contain: coins, pearl necklaces, flower headdresses, shells, rings and sweets in a box. You can find a lot of good things in the dollar store.

Smile – It doesn`t matter if you look more serious or artistic in some photos, but you should definitely add a lot of photos where you look happy and smile. People want to hire friendly mermaids that can be bubbly. Commenting on their clothes can be a great way to interact. If they have a mermaid or unicorn on their shirt, you can say you love it. You could also say, “I saw a unicorn, didn`t I?” or tell them that the ocean has narwhals that are like unicorns from the sea. If they have a sea creature, like a seahorse, on their shirt or necklace, you could tell them it looks exactly like your seahorse. This opens up fun conversations and gives them the opportunity to tell you about their pets. If you live within the confines of this card, you don`t need to own your own silicone mermaid tail.

We tend to use the word “mermaid” as a neutral term in regular conversations to shorten the phrase “sirens, mermaids, mermaids, and merfolks.” We invite all genders to apply, as skills, character and talent are more important to us than gender-specific identification. In fact, the mermaid is certainly best done by confident swimmers. “We know that swimming can be a tough workout in every way. So you have to be a good swimmer before you put on a tail, because a tail adds a new level of difficulty,” says Marrama. The tail can weigh between 15 and 35 pounds (6.8 and 15.9 kilograms). A great way to get future gigs is to have a killer presence on Facebook and Instagram — but beware of perverted mermaids. They`re here. Aysun has some tips on how to get the ultimate mermaid pose. “Very good mermaid photos are about putting yourself in really uncomfortable and painful positions and holding them long enough to get a picture.” When you post them, stay in character and hype your excitement, regardless of your next mermaid appearance. But get ready for the creepers. Make sure you stay in the mermaid character with any questions you receive from children or adults. Pretend you are a real mermaid.

Be prepared with creative answers to children`s questions. Prepare and repeat answers to the following questions, which are often asked by children: However, for pool parties, mermaids show specific swimming skills and perform tricks. For a children`s pool party, a professional mermaid will animate pool games. If the pool party is not a children`s party, there are other expectations. The sirens of this type of events are there to create an atmosphere and interact with the guests. They will always answer questions and pose for photos. If you want to read a book to children, try to keep it relevant for mermaids and the ocean. Here are some good suggestions: If you are interested in joining our team of mermaid artists, you can apply here. “Because Aysun is a Turkish name, I get a lot of random guys from Turkey who really like me. I have to explain that I don`t actually live in the Black Sea.

And then there`s your regular mermaid spending. These are the guys who have Facebook pages with all these mermaid pictures, and they comment on your page and say, “I like your seashells.” It`s better to just ignore them. Start by buying a business phone number and email account so customers can contact you. Create your web presence by creating a website and social media pages. Please contact me directly at info@mermaidjules.com if you need a good website or social media tips – digital marketing is my other passion in case you can`t tell it from my website or my social followers ? Finally, you should also check your area for local opportunities such as festivals, pool parties, beach cleanups, etc. Many of your customers will be references, so always have business cards. Become a mermaid instructor and live your dreams as a mermaid dive company! The Mermaid instructor is authorized to take the Discover Mermaid Experience, Basic Mermaid, Mermaid and Advanced Mermaid courses. There is an application process to obtain your instructor qualification, please check it here to see everything that is required of you. EFR certification is required for this course and can be added with us or taken prior to participation. Available for children 18 years and older. Mermaid and Advanced Mermaid must be completed first. Does not include PADI registration fees. Here are some things to consider when starting your mermaid business: It`s so helpful! I thought it was much more difficult than that.

I want to be a mermaid when I grow up, and that`s very helpful. I will surely follow this site when I am older!!! I`m not even a teenager yet, but I`m sure that`s what I want to be when I grow up! Your amazing!! We are very much looking forward to offering more and more mermaid events in the future. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact us directly info@aquamermaid.com. A great way to get more bookings is to offer different packages such as bronze, silver, and gold at different prices so that more customers can afford your services based on their budget. They can offer more hours, more sirens, video/photo service, and mermaid tail gifts for attendees.

Private Eye Requirements Florida

The Class “C” private investigator in Florida can be found here. You must submit a colour photo ID taken within 6 months of the date of application. You must also provide a full set of fingerprints. The legal requirements to become a private investigator vary from state to state. In fact, Florida is one of the states where private investigators must be allowed. However, before you enroll in private investigator courses or apply for a CC or C class license, you must first meet the basic requirements of a private investigator. The Florida Class “CC” Private Investigator License application is for interns who work as private investigators while being sponsored by an agency. In the state of Florida, it is necessary to have a license to be employed as a private investigator, private investigator or trainee private investigator. The State of Florida`s Private Investigation License is controlled by the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. The licensing department also issues licenses for private investigators, private investigative trainees, and private detective agencies.

Once you have passed your exam and your application has been approved, you can now practice as a licensed private investigator in Florida! There are many resources to help you find a job and advance your career. You can join professional organizations that offer advocacy and networking opportunities to private investigators in Florida, such as the Florida Association of Licensed Investigators or the Florida Association of Private Investigators. In addition, there are online job boards for private investigators to help you find your dream job. Are you asking for or have you applied for a private investigator license in Florida? An applicant for a Class “CC” licence must be sponsored by a Class “C”, “M” or “MA” licence holder. The Letter of Intent for the Sponsorship of an Internal Private Investigator (Form DACS-16026) must be submitted with the application. Other requirements include, but are not limited to: This audit includes those portions of Florida law that directly address the business practices of the private investigation industry and the legal responsibilities of persons and organizations working in that industry (Sections 493.6100 through 493.6203 and Section 493.6301(5) of the Laws of Florida). The written exam covers Florida laws that deal with the private investigation industry. This verification is only required for a Class “C” licence. The exam costs $100. It takes about 1.5 to 2 hours and the results will be mailed to you. On the day of the exam, you must bring a valid state or federal ID containing your photo and signature.

I highly recommend being an intern under a “CC license” to help with the test. Any decent agency will help you learn and teach you how to become an effective private investigator. If you`re concerned about your ability to work as a private investigator in Florida and how to be a successful private investigator, it`s important to know what factors determine your suitability as a professional private investigator and what makes a “good” professional private investigator. It is also important to know physical and health requirements and health considerations. Then there`s the equipment. Learning the equipment needed to embark on a career as a professional private investigator is a must. If you have no experience with private investigations and are just starting out, here are the steps to get your Florida Class CC Private Investigation License. The National Investigative Training Academy, Inc. (NITA), an online provider of state-approved private investigator training courses, offers a variety of resources that can help you decide whether becoming a private investigator would be a positive career choice. For more information, call 1-800-730-NITA (6482) or explore our course offerings. Overall, the employment of private investigators and investigators is expected to increase by 5% by 2024.

The increasing prevalence of internet-related scams has increased the demand for these professionals, making it an exciting time to become a private investigator in Florida. Florida Client Types and Corresponding File Requirements Yes, you can become a great Florida private detective. How? Through private detective training. Not through the Florida government`s short bachelor`s degree course, but through at least 100 hours of hands-on private investigator training. This can be private investigator training online or in a training environment. To become a successful private investigator in Florida and meet the requirements of the private investigator, you need to learn about the complexities of the private investigator industry (this will also help you decide if you want to pursue the career of lead researcher) and how to prepare yourself to become a successful private investigator. Second, you need to be informed about how you conduct investigations. For your Florida CC internal application, you must complete the Intent to Sponsor Form (FDACS Form #16026) and have secure employment with a Florida-licensed investigation firm that can complete this form. Florida Class CC Internal Licensing classifies you as a private investigator and allows you to gain experience while working with a licensed private investigator agency. Yes, the state will receive its money before handing over your Class “C” Private Investigator license.

Here are the most up-to-date fees: The training programs offered by these schools lead to a degree and meet Florida requirements. However, some applicants choose to pursue college studies in these related fields to further increase their career prospects: Anyone providing the services of a manager to a private investigation organization or Class “A” branch must have a Class MA license. A Class “C” or Class “M” licence holder may be designated as a manager, in which case an MA Class Licence is not required. The process of obtaining a private investigator`s license in Florida is not easy. The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services processes applications for private investigator licenses. Unfortunately, the information is not really clear on what is needed and how you can take steps to obtain a license. I will enlighten you and guide you step by step to successfully acquire your license. In addition, one year of university courses in law enforcement, criminology, or criminal justice (or a related field) may be used to replace one of the two-year experience requirements for a Class C private investigator license in Florida.

Education – Because applicants for a Class C Private Investigator license in Florida must have two years of experience, most applicants choose to apply for a Class CC in-house private investigator license first. Before applying for the internship license, you must complete at least 40 hours of professional private investigator training and Chapter 493 of the Florida statutes offered by an accredited school. A list of currently approved schools can be found here. According to a May 2020 report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), private investigators earned an average salary of $49,340, while those with the most impressive qualifications and proven results ended up in the top 10%, where the average is around $76,900. According to an article published in March 2020 by Law.com, private investigators in Florida are the trusted and reliable professionals in quick dialing with attorneys who negotiate cases related to personal injury, workers` compensation, breach of contract, fraud, etc.

Pricewaterhousecoopers Legal & Tax Consultants

Access our network of legal experts where you need them today and access your region using the drop-down menu. We believe in the power of law to solve your main challenges and face the future. It`s not just about legal advice. It`s about looking beyond uncertainty and risk to discover new opportunities. It`s about leveraging PwC`s global reach, local footprint and industry depth to find a sustainable path to success. We offer the connected expertise that connects all aspects of your business – so you can grow and protect it, now and in the future. How a contract management system can extract from your legal processes In today`s fast-paced world, it`s more important than ever to have a legal partner who understands all aspects of your business and uses technology to move you forward efficiently and decisively. Whether it`s predicting the impact of regulatory, economic and political changes on your business or understanding how to future-proof your strategy, we combine your challenges with the right legal and PwC expertise. Together we help you: As a member of PwC`s global network, we bring our network expertise to legal knowledge, business understanding and technological innovation to focus on your future and discover new opportunities. Today`s problems can have a dramatic impact on your business. Stay up to date We`re ready to help you solve today`s most pressing business challenges. Contact us and start a conversation today.

Work with our firm clients to create value for the firm and its partners by providing our global tax, audit and advisory services. Global Network Leader, Tax Controversy and Dispute Resolution, PwC USA Our community of solvers thrives on the unexpected. We use innovative technology solutions that accurately and efficiently meet your global, national and local audit, tax and operational requirements. We keep your growth at the center of our concerns. Get to know PwC`s leadership, stay up-to-date with our latest news and find the regional contact you need. Ken Kuykendall, Head of U.S. Tax at PwC, explains how tax can be seen as a strategic business partner that can add value to any strategic priority. Investors appreciate the clarity of the initiatives companies are taking, the reports they produce and the returns they will generate.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Your law firm and its partners are unique. You know where you want to go and you need a team tailored to the specific needs of your law firm to get you there. Tax compliance should not be a burden. The right combination of people and technology gives you time to refocus on the future of your business. It`s packed with proven ideas and information, including: Our services for private companies range from auditing and taxation to consulting with a team working to deeply understand your business and vision. Check-In is a platform that gives you near real-time visibility into employee productivity needs and risk exposure. Ideas to act with confidence, to build trust. We are a connected team with unparalleled experience in the issues facing your business and partners. We work with you to keep your goals at the center of your concerns by providing solutions tailored to your needs. It`s about staying ahead of the curve with smarter technologies and specialists who truly understand your business and its business. That`s why leading firms are turning to PwC to meet their reliability and financial reporting requirements, to better understand the fundamentals of law firm operations to make business decisions, and to help them manage the complexities of taxation across multiple jurisdictions, including global structuring to maximize tax efficiency.

Law Firm Accounting and Financial Management, written by PwC, provides explanations and illustrations on the latest management, tax planning and accounting strategies for law firms. new reporting requirements; and specific issues affecting multinational enterprises. PwC is everything to you. Whether you`re just starting out or you`re a seasoned professional, your future starts here. Activating your tax strategy requires experience and foresight. Make the best decisions to move your business forward strategically and confidently. In addition to these basics, our specialists also address the latest trends and implications for sustainable results in the following areas: risk management; management information reporting; Benchmarking; M&A accounting and strategies for successful mergers; capital structures and financing; the consistent task-based management system; and partner compensation. Trust has never been more important.

It`s the connection that connects your organization, your employees, your customers, your stakeholders, and the world. We know that trust is not something you can buy off the shelf. It`s something you gain through every interaction, experience, relationship, and outcome. Climate change is not a challenge for tomorrow, it must be tackled now. COP26 highlighted climate issues and the scale of changes needed. The new equation is a future led by people and guided by technology. For us, people and technology work hand in hand. It`s about how to combine human ingenuity with technological innovation and experience to achieve faster, smarter and better results while building trust with stakeholders along the value chain. Our latest PwC Pulse survey shows that tax officials want to solidify their role as valued business partners. We deliver the highest quality through integrity, unwavering objectivity and high investments in data, tools, technologies, products and services. The result is an environment where agility, consistency and insight thrive, and where our employees can deliver the excellence our customers expect again and again. We offer a full range of services and unparalleled industry and technical knowledge to support law firms and their partners.

Discover the latest tax developments and trends Discover our latest Climate Tech report, which explores how investors secure both the climate impact and the business returns of this emerging asset class.

Prc Laws and Regulations

Article 41 The competent authorities of the People`s Republic of China, in accordance with relevant laws and international treaties and treaties concluded by the People`s Republic of China or in which the People`s Republic of China has participated, or in accordance with the principle of equality and reciprocity, shall handle requests from foreign judicial or law enforcement authorities to provide personal data stored in China. Without the consent of the competent authority of the People`s Republic of China, the processor of personal data shall not disclose personal data stored in the territory of the People`s Republic of China to judicial or law enforcement authorities outside the territory of the People`s Republic of China. China is a huge country with a wide geographical and demographic dispersion. Local authorities have to deal with various problems in the daily life, work and other social and economic issues of citizens. In addition, Chinese citizens speak different languages, have different living standards and education levels. Thus, the rules and regulations of local legislative and administrative authorities could be thousands and thousands. Article 25 A processor of personal data shall not disclose the personal data it processes unless the consent of the individual is obtained or otherwise required by laws and administrative regulations. In general, administrative regulations are issued by decree of the Council of State (decree) and signed by the Prime Minister of the Council of State. Those relating to national defence are promulgated by decree of the Council of State and the Central Military Commission and signed by the Prime Minister and the Chairman of the Commission. (Law on legislation, art. 70.) Also known as ChinaLawInfo (Chinese platform) and InfoLawChina (English platform).

A comprehensive bilingual database for searching PRC laws and regulations (since 1949), cases, journal articles and official journals. (IV) other matters to be notified in accordance with laws, regulations and administrative provisions. Article 59 The party in charge of the processing of personal data shall comply with the relevant obligations prescribed by this Law and other relevant laws and administrative regulations, shall take the necessary measures to ensure the security of the personal data processed and shall assist the processors of personal data in fulfilling their obligations under this Law. First, the Council of State may issue administrative regulations for the enforcement of laws. For example, when the Foreign Investment Law was passed on March 15, 2019, practicing lawyers noted that the 42-article law introducing significant changes to China`s foreign investment regime was relatively general and vague. Later, on the 26th. In December 2019, the State Council issued the Ordinance on the Implementation of the Foreign Investment Law, which contains 49 articles with more details on the implementation of the law. The regulation came into force on January 1, 2020, the same day the law came into force.

Second, the Council of State may adopt administrative regulations to exercise its own powers and functions under the Constitution. The Transparency of Government Information Regulations, adopted in 2007 and revised in 2019, which require the disclosure of certain government information, appear to be one such regulation. In addition, the State Council may be empowered by the NPC or NPC to issue administrative regulations on matters that should be regulated by law but in which no law has yet been promulgated. When “the conditions are met to enact a law”, the Council of State must request the NPC or APNSC to promulgate the law in a timely manner. Taxation, for example, is one of the issues that must be regulated by law. (Law on Legislation, arts. 8, 9 and 65). In August 2019, the NPCSC passed the Resource Tax Act, which subjects natural resources such as crude oil, natural gas, coal and other minerals to the resource tax. In fact, China had already introduced the resource tax under an administrative regulation – the Provisional Resource Tax Ordinance – which was issued by the State Council in 1993 and entered into force on January 1, 1994. According to Article 85 of the Constitution of the PRC, the Council of State is the central government of the PRC and the highest administrative body of the State. Article 89 regulates its powers and functions, including “the adoption of administrative measures, the issuance of administrative regulations and the issuance of decisions and orders in accordance with the Constitution and laws”. Article 29 Individual consent should be obtained for the processing of sensitive personal data.

Where laws and administrative regulations provide that the processing of sensitive personal data requires written consent, these provisions shall prevail. Article 34 The processing of personal data by a public body for the performance of its statutory tasks shall be subject to the powers and procedures prescribed by laws and regulations and shall not exceed the scope and limits necessary for the performance of its statutory tasks. The revised 2015 law stipulates that draft administrative regulations (ying dang) must be published for public comment, unless the State Council decides otherwise. (Law on legislation, art. 67.) Article 51 The processor of personal data shall take measures depending on the purpose and method of processing the personal data, the nature of the personal data, the impact on the rights and interests of individuals and possible security risks, etc. the following measures to ensure compliance of the processing of personal data with the laws, regulations and administrative provisions and to prevent unauthorized visits: or leakage, falsification and loss of personal information: A loose-leaf publication of the English translation of important laws, compiled by the Legislative Affairs Committee of the Standing Committee of the National People`s Congress of the People`s Republic of China (publication discontinued 1987-2003). It has good English translations and indexes sorted by subject and date of enactment of legislation. The following official sources of by-laws can be found in the Law Library Collection: Article 18 When processing personal data, a processor of personal data shall not inform the individual of matters provided for by laws and administrative regulations requiring confidentiality, or it is not necessary to inform the person of the matters provided for in paragraph 1 of the preceding article Questions to be informed.

In accordance with Article 65 of the Law on Legislation, administrative regulations are issued by the State Council in accordance with the Constitution and laws adopted by the NPC or NPC for the following purposes: By-laws are not codified and researchers may not be able to determine whether a document is an administrative regulation simply by reading its title. Although rare, some laws are also called tiao li, such as the PRC Household Registration Regulations, which were passed by the NPCSC in 1958 and are still in force. The open source database provides a collection of English translations of Chinese media laws and regulations, including those related to copyright. The last updates were in 2015. In addition, the terms “regulations” and “measures” are not used exclusively in the titles of administrative provisions. Departmental rules issued by ministries and commissions under the State Council are also called “regulations” or “measures”, although they cannot be called tiao li (discussed in my next articles). The website contains a A to Z list of PRC laws, mainly derived from the government websites ChinaLaw (Information Center for Legislative Affairs of the State Council of the PRC) and ChinaCourt (Supreme People`s Court). (IV) if the processor processes personal data in violation of laws, administrative regulations or the Agreement; or Article 44 Everyone has the right to know about the processing of his or her personal data and to make decisions thereon, as well as the right to restrict or object to the processing of his or her personal data by third parties, unless otherwise provided by laws and administrative regulations. The revised 2017 procedural decree also provides that the legislative department of the State Council may publish the draft administrative regulation and its explanatory notes in order to obtain public comment for at least 30 days in general. (Rules of Procedure, art. 20.) The Central People`s Government (the State Council), ministries and bodies issue administrative rules and regulations that apply either throughout the country or to certain sectors of the country in descending order of authority.

Possible Legal Consequences of Cyberbullying

In addition, cyberbullying has natural consequences. For example, cyberbullies can go to trial, lose their jobs, or even be arrested. In addition, children and adults should realize that what is posted online remains online. Even if something is deleted, people may have taken a screenshot of it. Just because children delete something doesn`t mean it will disappear. Until the mid-2000s, there were no specific laws on cyberbullying. But lawmakers have not been blind to the growing number of suicides and violence in schools. Some states leave enforcement to school officials. In such cases, cyberbullying is often treated as a civil rather than a criminal matter. Like any other form of bullying, cyberbullying causes psychological, emotional and physical stress. Employees who are victims of cyberbullying often experience the following negative effects: To facilitate comparisons between these state laws, the U.S. Department of Education has developed a framework of common components found in state laws, policies, and regulations. They used this framework to understand how schools are taking steps to prevent and respond to incidents of bullying.

Common elements include policy statements, safeguards, employee training and consequences. In the United States, every state has laws and/or policies that deal with face-to-face bullying. Online bullying, on the other hand, is a more difficult problem. Some states have attempted to pass laws imposing tougher penalties and restrictions on cyberbullying. Opponents, however, argue that such laws are constitutionally unfounded. In his Slate article titled “The Legal Difficult of Fighting Cyberbullying,” Mark Joseph Stern describes a contested law against cyberbullying in Albany County, New York. According to Stern, New York State`s highest court ruled that one of the provisions of the law is “so broad that it could criminalize a wide range of speech outside the popular understanding of cyberbullying,” violating the First Amendment. Yet 14 states have managed to pass laws criminalizing cyberbullying. Depending on NoBullying.com, civil lawsuits or criminal charges can be brought against a bully in many cases, including harassment, intentional infliction of emotional pain, hate crimes, and identity theft. In addition to these charges, defendants can face fines of up to $2,500 and one year in jail.

As a result, cyberbullying laws vary widely, with some states having much stricter requirements than others. For example, New York`s Dignity for All Students Act (DASA) states that school districts must have the following policies and procedures. For example, they must: In Ohio, cyberbullying legislation, called the Jessica Logan Act, is also extensive. The law was introduced after Logan was bullied, harassed and bullied by her peers online when a nude photo of her at her high school was circulated. Logan committed suicide shortly after the photo was distributed to his school. If it turns out that you have been bullied online, the legal consequences are not small. Depending on the different circumstances of your particular case, there can be fines ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. In addition, the bully can be sentenced to a few months in prison. Because laws vary greatly from state to state, penalties for cyberbullying are also very varied. Depending on the state and its cyberbullying laws, penalties for cyberbullying can range from civil penalties such as suspension or expulsion from school to jail time for certain crimes. While there may be some resistance to introducing laws, most states require their school districts to create policies that penalize cyberbullying — usually with suspension. Passing laws is a long battle, but the war cyberbullying wags against the well-being of its victims is too destructive to ignore.

While proper legal action may not always be taken, there are many ways to protect your child from being bullied and terrorized by a cyberbully. The potential harm caused by cyberbullying may be greater than other forms of bullying. The number of people a cyberbully can reach is so much higher than traditional forms of bullying that can be observed by the victim and few, if any, people. Social media sites make it easy for a cyberbully to anonymously post derogatory information that reaches a wide audience, with little risk of being traced back to its source. For example, some states have established laws, policies and regulations, while others have developed model guidelines for school districts. Meanwhile, few states have established consequences for bullying behaviour and only a few classify bullying as a criminal offence. In addition, some states address bullying, cyberbullying, and harassment in a single law, while others use multiple laws. And in some states, bullying appears in the state penal code and applies to minors. Cyberbullying is a rapidly evolving area of law, and laws vary from state to state.

If you or someone close to you has been accused of cyberbullying, seek advice from an experienced defence lawyer in your area. You can explain the current state of cyberbullying and harassment laws in your state. The author is associated with Riggs Abney, one of Oklahoma`s and Colorado`s largest law firms, providing experienced and diverse legal advice and representation to commercial and private clients in all aspects of law, including areas as diverse as civil litigation, personal injury, product liability, medical malpractice, sports and entertainment, employment and benefits, estate planning, banking and financial services, real estate and family law.

Political and Legal Risk Consists of Mcq

Which of the following is NOT an example of political risk? Some of the political risks can be found in a company`s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or in a prospectus if it is a mutual fund. Trading in emerging markets can be intimidating, which is why it`s imperative to have a detailed plan and risk mitigation strategy in place from the get-go. Internationally active companies, called multinationals, can purchase political risk insurance to eliminate or mitigate certain political risks. This allows management and investors to focus on the fundamentals of the business while knowing that losses due to political risk are avoided or limited. Typical actions that are covered are war and terrorism. While political risk is inevitable in the global market, with risk also comes a reward. These emerging markets are becoming important consumer centres with attractive opportunities for Canadian businesses. International trade can be a risky business, even in the most developed markets, at best, but Canadian exporters need to be particularly vigilant when venturing into emerging markets, where political risk may be more difficult to identify and manage. The Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, Especially Women and Children, was adopted by the General Assembly in its resolution 55/25. It entered into force on 25 December 2003. It is the first legally binding international instrument with an agreed definition of trafficking in human beings.

This definition aims to facilitate the convergence of national approaches to the definition of national offences that would promote effective international cooperation in the investigation and prosecution of trafficking in human beings. Another objective of the Protocol is to protect and assist victims of trafficking in human beings with full respect for their human rights. Political risk is notoriously difficult to quantify because there are limited sample sizes or case studies when it comes to a single nation. Some political risks may be insured through international or other government agencies. The result of political risk could lower investment returns or even eliminate the ability to withdraw capital from an investment. In addition to market-driven business factors, companies are also influenced by policy decisions. Governments make a variety of decisions that can affect businesses, industries and the economy as a whole. These include taxes, spending, regulation, currency valuation, trade tariffs, labor laws such as minimum wage, and environmental regulations.

Laws, even if only proposed, can have an impact. Regulations can be established at all levels of government, including federal, state, and local levels, as well as in other countries. Political risks are unpredictable, but here`s how to create a risk management program and policies to limit the potential negative impact. So how can Canadian exporters prepare for sudden and unexpected political risks? The Protocol against the Illicit Manufacturing of and Trafficking in Firearms, Their Parts and Components and Ammunition was adopted by the General Assembly in its resolution 55/255 of 31 May 2001. It entered into force on 3 July 2005. The Protocol, the first global legally binding instrument on small arms and light weapons, aims to promote, facilitate and strengthen cooperation among States parties to prevent, combat and eradicate the illicit manufacturing of and trafficking in firearms, their parts and components and ammunition. By ratifying the Protocol, States undertake to take a number of measures to combat crime and to transpose into their domestic legal systems three sets of normative provisions: the first concerns the definition of offences related to the illicit manufacturing of and trafficking in firearms on the basis of the requirements and definitions of the Protocol; second, on a system of State authorizations or licences to ensure the licit manufacture of and trafficking in firearms; and the third on the marking and tracing of firearms. Wal-Mart Stores Inc. described certain political risks it faces in its fiscal 2015 10-K filings with the SEC in the operational risk section.

In its supplier risks, Wal-Mart cited possible political and economic instability in countries where foreign suppliers operate, labor issues, as well as foreign trade policies and tariffs that could be imposed. Political terrorism, war, civil war or other forms of political violence can damage or destroy a company`s assets and prevent it from conducting operations essential to the conduct of business. In its section on regulatory, compliance, reputational and other risks, the Company describes the risks associated with legal, judicial, regulatory and political/economic risks. Risk factors mentioned include political instability, legal and regulatory restrictions, local product safety and environmental laws, tax regulations, local labor laws, trade policies, and monetary regulations. Wal-Mart specifically mentioned Brazil and the complexity of its federal, state and local laws.

Plus Ultra Seguros Aviso Legal

When using the Internet, the user undertakes www.plusultraformacion.com not to adopt any behavior that could ±damage the image, interests and rights of PLUS ULTRA FORMACIÃN S.L. or third parties or www.plusultraformacion.com damage±, disable or overload the portal, or that in any way prevents the normal use of the Web. The personal data provided by the user to PLUS ULTRA FORMACIÃN S.L. may be stored in databases owned exclusively by PLUS ULTRA FORMACIÃN, S.L., adopting all the technical©, organizational and security measures©that guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and quality of the information contained therein, in accordance with the provisions of current data protection regulations. Communication between users and www.plusultraformacion.com takes place over a secure channel, and the transmitted data is encrypted using https protocols. Therefore, we guarantee the best security conditions so that the privacy of users is© guaranteed. In this section the user can find all the information related to the general conditions that define the©relations between users and PLUS ULTRA FORMACIÃN S.L. The websites www.plusultraformacion.com/ contain links to other own websites and content belonging to third parties, such as websites of public administrations (local, departmental, regional or national) as well as pages of other institutional bodies. 4. MODIFICATIONS: PLUS ULTRA SEGUROS reserves the right, without prior notice, to make the changes it deems appropriate on this website, modifying, deleting or adding both the content and services provided through it and the way in which they are presented or localized on the Internet. These general conditions regulate the use (including simple access) of the web pages, members of the PLUS ULTRA FORMACIÃN S.L.

website, including the contents and services made available therein. Anyone who accesses the www.plusultraformacion.com site agrees to comply with the terms and conditions applicable on this site. 1. IDENTIFICATION DATA: In accordance with the obligation to provide information in accordance with Article 10 of Law 34/2002, of 11. July, Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, the following data are listed below: The company that owns this website is Plus Ultra Seguros Generales y Vida, S.A. de Seguros y Reaseguros, a sole proprietorship (hereinafter “PLUS ULTRA SEGUROS”), a Spanish company with registered office in Madrid (Spain), Plaza de las Cortes, number 8, with N.I.F. A-30.014.831, registered in the Mercantile Registry of Madrid on page M-97.987 and in the Public Registers of Insurance and Reinsurance Companies and Pension Fund Management Companies of the General Directorate of Insurance and Pension Funds of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, with codes C0517 and G0051 respectively. How to process a claim with Auto Insurance Plus Ultra Plus Ultra Seguros has branches throughout Spain. With the locator, you can find out which agent is closest to your home or location at that time. I have opened a few claims with them due to misfortune, and if it is in the covers, they will help and solve you very quickly. You must be very happy that you have resolved any doubts or complaints. Other services offered by this phone number In addition to all the telephone lines mentioned, you can also contact Plus Ultra Seguros through the following channels: PLUS ULTRA FORMACIÃN S.L., responsible for this website, undertakes to treat the information of our users with all guarantees and to comply with national and European requirements that govern the collection and use of personal data.

What phone number should I call if I want to contact Plus Ultra Seguros customer service? How can I file a complaint with Plus Ultra Seguros? In addition, it also stands out on various social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, as well as Seguros Bilbao and Catalana Occidente, to which they belong. You can access both portals by providing your user number and password. You need to call the 917838383. The phone is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. We also©provide users with the dispute resolution platform provided by the European Commission, available at the following link: ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr PLUS ULTRA FORMACIÃN S.L. does not provide any guarantee and will in no case be liable for ± damages and damages of any kind that may be caused by: Unlike Seguros Bilbao, which is also part of Grupo Catalana Occidente, Plus Ultra Seguros has a greater number of customer service phones, all completely free and available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. This website therefore strictly complies with Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, on the Protection of Personal Data (LOPD) and Royal Decree 1720/2007, of 21 December, known as the Regulation for the Development of the LOPD. It©also complies with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons (GDPR) and Law 34/2002 of 11 July on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce (LSSICE or LSSI).

The user is informed and accepts that access to this website does not imply in any way the beginning of a commercial relationship with PLUS ULTRA FORMACIÃN S.L. In this way, the user undertakes to use the website, its services and contents without violating applicable law, good faith and public order. In the event that a user or third party considers that the introduction of certain contents on the Internet constitutes a violation of their legal intellectual property rights, they must inform PLUS ULTRA FORMACIÃN S.L. of this circumstance and indicate: In the event of a car accident, it is important to contact Plus Ultra as soon as possible, report the incident and carry out the necessary procedures: 8. APPLICABLE LAW AND JURISDICTION: The relationship between PLUS ULTRA SEGUROS and the USER is governed by current Spanish regulations and any dispute will be submitted to the Courts and Tribunals of the City of Barcelona. In accordance with the provisions of Articles 8 and 32.1, second paragraph, of the Intellectual Property Code, the reproduction, distribution and public communication, including the method of making available, of all or part of the content of this site for commercial purposes, on any medium and by any technical© means, is expressly prohibited. without the authorization of PLUS ULTRA FORMACIÃN S.L. The user undertakes to respect the intellectual and industrial property rights of PLUS ULTRA FORMACIÃN S.L. 2.

USE OF THE PORTAL: THE USER assumes responsibility for the use of the PORTAL.

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